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What are Silicon Nitride Properties?

Silicon nitride is taken into consideration an extremely important design ceramic. At heats, silicon nitride displays excellent mechanical properties, consisting of reduced thickness, high flexing toughness, high elastic modulus, crack toughness, hig...…


TR02 92whiteness 525 grade white cement

TR02 525 white cement is a green and environmentally friendly product with high strength and no radioactivity in the early stage. The product has high whiteness, high strength, low alkalinity, good stability, and bright and bright color.…


"Enlightenment AI+ Game College Competition" Launched, Why Should AI Learn to Play king of Glory?

Tencent announced the launch of the first "Enlightenment AI+ Game College Competition" preliminary contest, which is also the first time Tencent's enlightenment platform is open to universities.…

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