The Application of Black Science and Technology Beidou in Railway

wallpapers Resource 2020-07-28

Escort for Intelligent High-speed Railway

The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is the world's first intelligent high-speed railway. With the help of cutting-edge technology such as the Beidou navigation satellite system, the intelligent Fuxing bullet train with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour has realized automatic driving for the first time in the world, with trains running at intervals, stopping at stations and opening doors automatically. Based on Beidou satellite and GIS technology, the Beijing-Zhangjiatang high-speed railway has deployed a "positioning" network, which can provide intelligent services for the whole process of construction, operation, dispatching, maintenance and emergency response.

The Precise Positioning of the China-Europe Freight Train

At present, the China-Europe freight trains are connected to 72 cities in 21 countries. The Beidou satellite can track the track of the china-Europe freight trains and accurately locate them within 10 meters. Shippers can check the operation of the China-Europe freight train at any time on the mobile phone client. The distance between China and Europe trains is more than 10,000 kilometers, and most of the time they will pass through no man's land, where there is no mobile communication signal. In the past, when the train passed through these areas, the signal was lost and there was no way to save it. After the beidou positioning system is installed, the operation data of the trains can be recorded in real time. When the trains arrive at places with mobile communication signals, they can be sent back to the operation service center of the China-Europe freight trains, ensuring the integrity of the information.

Issue Warning Information Around the Clock

At the same time, Beidou will help realize all-weather and real-time monitoring of railway equipment and facilities and the environment along the routes, and improve railway disaster prevention and control capabilities. The beidou Infrastructure monitoring application and the Beidou single-line CTC system can carry out automatic high-precision monitoring of on-site work points, collect original monitoring data, and preprocess the data, so as to realize the calculation and analysis of monitoring data and the release of early warning information and other functions. Through the Beidou satellite navigation system, the Chinese Locomotive Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis System (CMD) can timely transmit locomotive faults, alarm information, locomotive position information and locomotive status change information to the ground system in real time, and complete the collection, processing and transmission of vehicle-to-ground and ground-to-vehicle data.