The New Refractories Are of Great Significance for Improving the Competitiveness of China's Iron and Steel Industry

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The New Refractories Are of Great Significance for Improving the Competitiveness of China's Iron and Steel Industry

The Status Quo of China's Steel Industry

Compared with the international advanced level, China's steel industry has a high energy consumption. The energy consumption of tons of steel production is 20%-40% higher than the international level, and 320kg of standard coal is higher than That of Japan. It can be seen that China's iron and steel industry has high energy consumption and great potential for energy conservation and consumption reduction.

The Relationship Between Steel Industry and Refractory Materials

Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China's iron and steel industry to do a good job in energy conservation and consumption reduction. Iron and steel industry, the high temperature industrial and refractory industry have close relations, but not high temperature refractory industry new technology implementation, and refractory materials must come first, while the high new technology industrial development can promote the progress of the refractory material technology, and often high new technology idea silica refractory put forward new requirements, but the realization of the idea must rely on high temperature technology and new refractory material, no successful development of the new type refractory there would be no high temperature technology vision, from the date of the implementation of which is, that also is very not ideal, dimensional, although the new technology of high temperature industrial vision, but in order to realize these ideas, Refractories must precede.

Development of New Refractories

In the past 20 years, the output and varieties of China's iron and steel industry have developed greatly. In order to adapt to this development, the varieties and equipment of refractories in Our country have been constantly updated. More than ten categories of refractories have been added, totaling more than 100 brands, and the structure of four categories of traditional clay, high aluminum, silicon and magnesium products has been changed. According to the development focus of iron and steel industry during the tenth five-year Plan period, although the output of steel will not increase greatly, the continuous casting ratio and refining ratio of steel will continue to increase, and the equipment will continue to be large and modernized. These characteristics of the development of iron and steel industry promote the refractories to continue to improve product quality, expand variety, at the same time, around energy saving and consumption reduction, the production of some refractory with specific functions.
In recent years, the popularization of new steel production process and new technology, as well as the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection have put forward more special requirements for new refractories. From the perspective of the future development trend, the new type of refractory will include two categories: structural refractory with high performance and functional refractory. The overall development trend of structural refractories will be high purity, densification, precision, the popularity of carbon-containing refractories, oxide and non-oxide composite and amorphous. Functional refractories include high performance thermal insulation refractory, high emissivity energy-saving coatings, high thermal conductivity and high conductivity refractory, high performance rapid heat storage refractory, etc