The performance and use of all kinds of bearings

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Look at the world of bearings from Numbers

400,000 revolutions per minute
Dental drills (commonly known as dental cell phones) used by dentists are equipped with bearings that can rotate at ultra-high speeds. These are two ultra-precision bearings with an inner diameter of 3.0mm× outer diameter of 6.0mm× width of 2mm and a steel ball diameter of 1.0mm. They can rotate at an astonishing rate of "400,000 revolutions per minute", greatly reducing the vibration of the dental phone and thus greatly reducing the pain of the patient during treatment.

The ball rotates at 160 meters per second
The V2500, a jet engine on international routes, USES a spindle bearing and can roll at speeds of up to 160 meters per second, or 580 kilometers per hour. Thanks to the use of high-performance high-speed bearings, the engine can operate safely for a long time to transport passengers safely around the world.

Amplitude below 100 nm

It is no exaggeration to say that "the mechanical accuracy depends on the rotational accuracy of the bearing". The two ends of the rotating shaft are supported by two bearings. If the axis shakes too much, the mechanical performance cannot be improved. Metal processing WeChat, good content, worthy of attention. A computer memory device with ultra-precision bearings, known as a "hard disk", has an axis amplitude of less than 100 nanometers (1 nanometer = 1/1000000 millimeter). The key to achieve such ultra-high precision is the precision of rolling bodies such as "steel ball" and "roller".

You can work in space for 15 years

The development of the universe is also inseparable from bearings. Weather forecasts, satellite radio and television signals, and satellite positioning information for cars are all provided by satellites orbiting the earth. The satellite is equipped with a gyroscope to maintain the attitude and direction of the satellite. The gyroscope is equipped with ultra-precision bearings. The bearings can operate continuously in space for 15 years.

The world of -253 to 500 degrees 

The bearings in the liquid fuel pumps of space rockets are the ones with the lowest temperatures. The bearing operates in liquid hydrogen at minus 253 ° c. The bearings used in the high temperature environment are typical of the special high performance bearings in the medical CT scanner. In X-ray vacuum tubes with temperatures as high as 300 to 500 ° c, the bearings can also operate continuously to protect our health.

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