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10 hot Big Data startups to watch

Jeff Vance | June 13, 2013
Big Data startups are building viable products that target real-world pain points, and most of these Big Data new ventures are well-funded with solid management teams. Here are 10 Big Data startups to watch.

Why they're on this list: Skytree finished in the top 10 in voting and has already lined up big-name customers.

According to Skytree, advanced analytics, contrary to popular belief, "is not a meat grinder into which you can dump data in one end and expect nuggets of wisdom to come out of the other end."

Skytree has created a general purpose platform that allows data scientists to focus on what matters most, which Skytree says is Mean Time to Insights (MTI), and focus on what they are good at: building and deploying analytic models rather than coding algorithms. Skytree is delivered as an application within a data center that can be used by many, as opposed to the traditional delivery model: an individual application used on a single PC.

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Skytree argues that machine learning is the key that unlocks an entire treasure trove of predictions, customer recommendations, and anomaly detections that most people don't even know are possible. Machine learning solves that problem by unleashing algorithms on massive amounts of data and finding patterns that data scientists didn't even know existed.

Competitive Landscape: Skytree says that most of the competition they run into is either from roll-your-own solutions or from legacy BI platforms from the likes of SAS and IBM, which potential customers may simply choose to stick with.

Customers include eHarmony, SETI, USGA and Adconion Media.

9. SumAll

What they do: Provide data analytics tools focused on delivering marketing, sales and social media insights.

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

CEO: Dane Atkinson. He was formerly CEO of Squarespace.

Founded: 2011

Funding: SumAll is backed by two rounds of funding that total $7.5 million from Battery Ventures, Wellington Partners, Matrix and General Catalyst.

Why they're on this list: SumAll finished third in voting, and CEO Dane Atkinson has seen several startups through to successful exits.

SumAll's product is an analytics tool that helps businesses make more money by using their own data. SumAll tries to break down various data silos, from those associated with legacy apps to those involved with social media.

SumAll brings all the disparate revenue, payment, social and organic traffic data into one place so users can see the interactions across their business and understand if a social campaign is driving traffic which is converting into traffic. SumAll can help businesses figure out, say, the value of a "like" on Facebook or the value of a website visit.

Competitive Landscape: These aren't necessarily head-to-head comparisons, but SumAll will compete with Hootsuite, Nimble, Gooddata and Kissmetrics.


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