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10 hot Big Data startups to watch

Jeff Vance | June 13, 2013
Big Data startups are building viable products that target real-world pain points, and most of these Big Data new ventures are well-funded with solid management teams. Here are 10 Big Data startups to watch.

Customers include Siemens, Diamond Candles and Urbio.

10. Xplenty

What they do: Provide Hadoop as a Service for Big Data analytics.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

CEO: Yaniv Mor. Prior to founding Xplenty, Mor managed the NSW SQL Services practice at Red Rock Consulting.

Founded: 2012

Funding: They're backed by an undisclosed amount of seed funding raised from Magma Venture Capital in June 2012.

Why they're on this list: Hadoop is being hyped to the moon these days, but development, implementation and maintenance of Hadoop require a very specific and arcane skill set. Xplenty's goal is to eliminate your need to learn any of that.

Xplenty provides a data integration platform that processes Big Data. A drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need to write complex scripts or code of any kind.

Xplenty is cloud based, so there is no installation of anything on an end user's servers, and there is no software to download onto workstations. With automated server configuration, users simply point to a data source, configure the data transformation tasks and tell the platform where to right the results to. Xplenty's platform uses SQL terminology, so for data analysts, the learning curve should be minimal.

Market Potential and Competitive Landscape: According to TechNavio, the Hadoop-as-a-Service market will top $19 billion by 2016. Xplenty's main competitor is Amazon Elastic Map/Reduce (EMR). Other Hadoop-as-a-Service competitors include Mortar Data, Qubole, and recently Microsoft with Hadoop on Azure. Rackspace is about to launch its own Hadoop-as-a-Service offering based on Hortonworks' distribution.




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