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11 major new Snow Leopard features

Macworld staff | Aug. 27, 2009
The most important changes you'll find in Mac OS X 10.6

The Annotate button is paired with a new Annotations Toolbar that appears at the bottom of your document when you click on the button. It shows you the following tools: Arrow, Oval, Rectangle, Text, Note, Link, Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Color Menu, Line Width Menu, and Show Font Panel. Text and Arrow are new in this version.

The Adjust Size command now uses an advanced algorithm (the Lanczos interpolation algorithm, to be precise) to scale images more smoothly and with fewer pixelated artifacts. And when making a selection with the rectangular selection tool, you'll see the pixel dimensions of your selection.

Finally, a new Contact Sheet view lets you see all of your pages in thumbnail view at the same time, a nice convenience. To get this view, however, you need to set your General preferences to Open All Files In One Window or Open Groups Of Files In The Same Window.


Apple has been gradually bringing Mac OS X up to speed in terms of accessibility features for users with physical disabilities. Tiger was a big leap forward, and Leopard added more improvements. Snow Leopard takes accessibility features in Mac OS X to a whole new level.

Among the new additions are improvements to VoiceOver, support for trackpad gestures for the vision impaired, and support for Braille displays. And there are plenty more. For a complete rundown, stay tuned--we'll be posting an overview of accessibility improvements in Snow Leopard shortly.


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