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16 ways to build a better dev team

Paul Heltzel | June 21, 2016
The secret to building and maintaining a great development team requires transparency, flexibility, and yes, good vibes

This network-before-you-need approach should also be coupled with ongoing evaluation and development of your primary talent pool: current staff.

“Evaluate existing employees before putting out new postings in the job boards,” Agrawal says. “It’s important for morale and very efficient to identify existing talent in the company and promoting those individuals.”

16. Be open to ideas

Good ideas can come from anywhere. With a strong, engaged team and a collective understanding of business needs, any technical challenge becomes an opportunity to inspire valuable ideas from your team.

“You'll be amazed at the results,” IBM’s Loomis says. “I had a project several years ago that was focused on delivering query performance. We had steep objectives -- speed-of-thought response times for complex analytic queries over tens of terabytes of data. We had a plan and a list of features we were building to meet that objective, but the individuals working on the project came up with new ideas along the way to do smarter caching and plan better optimization recommendations. We adjusted course to incorporate those innovations and blew our performance targets out of the water.

"There are always business objectives and deadlines to meet, but don't lose sight of what motivates your team. Because without them, you have nothing.”


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