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2014 'year of the app':

Brian Karlovsky | Jan. 30, 2014 director Derek Laney has dubbed 2014 the ‘year of the app' as one of several predictions for the year ahead. director, Derek Laney, has dubbed 2014 the 'year of the app' as one of several predictions for the year ahead.

Laney said now that development platforms and coders were assembled, all that was left was for companies to embrace the opportunity to create the enterprise apps that will break down the walls between their business and its customers.

"Whether it be apps that allow for instant customer service, that use games to reach audiences with complex messages or an app to control the air conditioner in their home, 2014 is the year of the app," he said.

"Speed and a common language are key to developing great apps, and, developers have access to both.

"Given the proliferation of tools to make developers lives easier, the only real barrier is opportunity and imagination.

"2014 will see an explosion in the variety and quality of apps available to consumers.

Laney also predicted a rise in prominence of location-based e-commerce: "Tailored, relevant 1:1 communication at the right time, in the right place".

"It is safe to say that 2013 was the year of mobility, and there are no signs that mobile development is slowing down," he said.

"We will see a slowing of new device releases as the mobile market settles; however, it is the technology and applications built within the mobile environment that will change industries in the next year." He said location-based mobile commerce would be a key selling channel and one which the best brands will plan to integrate into their approach in 2014.

Wearable tech and great apps could also make the laptop and expensive paperweight in 2014, according to Laney.

He said with the right apps and smart devices, the worker on the road had enough computing power to get the job done in the palm of their hand.

"As smart devices, from smartphones to smart watches continue to become ubiquitous Australian employees will increasingly leave the laptop behind." He said the apps and smart technology were there for Australia's top companies to provide the ultimate productivity capabilities.

"Armed with the right mobile tools for the 'do it in two minute' style jobs, business can reduce office time and power productivity," he said.

"It's the smart companies which will invest early in 2014 and reap the benefits of attracting top talent and increasing the ability of staff to get the job done."


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