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Apple: Snow Leopard goes on sale Friday

Gregg Keizer | Aug. 25, 2009
It's now taking pre-orders, which will arrive on Aug. 28

Although Snow Leopard is priced considerably less than Microsoft's Windows 7, and Apple beat its rival to market, analysts have said that the latter definitely doesn't matter and the former means little more than bragging rights.

"I don't envision that anyone is really saying to themselves: 'I need a new computer, and whoever ships first gets my business,'" said Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, in early June.

"In the long term, [the price difference] has no impact," said Allen Krans of Technology Business Research at the time. "The challenge of Windows 7 is reaching those usability and performance standards that weren't met with Vista."

Snow Leopard requires an Intel-based Mac, and sells for $29 in a single-license edition, $49 for a five-license Family Pack when upgrading from Mac OS X 10.5. Users running Mac OS X 10.4, aka Tiger, must instead purchase the more expensive Box Set, which costs $169 for a single license and $229 for a five-license pack. The Box Set also includes the iLife ?09 creativity bundle and the iWork ?09 productivity suite.

In Singapore, the Snow Leopard single user license will be available for a suggested retail price of S$48 and the Snow Leopard Family Pack, a single household, five-user license, will be available for a suggested price of S$78.



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