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Apple Watch 2 rumours: expect a new watch with the iPhone 7 in September

Caitlin McGarry | June 21, 2016
The second-gen Apple Watch is rumoured to be slated for a September launch, which will include mobile connectivity and a beefier processor.

Apple just took the wraps off watchOS 3, which will debut this spring. But will the next-generation operating system have a new device to put its super fast app-loading times and brand new fitness features to good use?

Apple Watch 2 rumours have been flying since the first watch started shipping last April. We’ll stay on top of the latest reports and figure out if they’re plausible or just wishful thinking.

What’s the latest?

The rumour: The second-gen Apple Watch is slated for a September launch alongside a brand new iPhone. This report comes courtesy of Digitimes, the supply chain sources of which say Apple Watch 2 chips and components are scheduled to ship in Q3 (which is in line with a September launch). The company is also stepping up its Apple Watch orders to an estimated two million a month, which signals that it is expecting to sell more devices. Why would people buy more watches? If there was a brand new version that was far better than the current model.

Plausible? Apple is known to preview major software releases ahead of hardware launches, so it would make sense for Apple Watch 2 to ship with watchOS 3. But the sourcing on this report isn’t great, so we’ll wait to see if more reputable tips come through to confirm a spring Watch 2 launch.

The rumour: According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Watch 2 will include mobile connectivity and a beefier processor so apps will load more quickly. That may mean yet another data plan to pay for, but the watch would function on its own instead of being tethered to an iPhone.


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