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Are you flying with first-class technology?

MIS Asia | Sept. 3, 2009
David Brett, president of Amadeus Asia Pacific, sheds light on the changing travel landscape and how technology is helping airlines to keep customers happy.

In this time of transition, the gap between the haves and have-nots is becoming more visible. Those on legacy systems will find them expensive, difficult to maintain and to adapt to the new travel environment. If an airline needs to scale back operations, change its distribution strategy or wants to implement automated check-in, for example, it will find the legacy system network virtually impossible to manipulate.

Flying with first-class IT

On the other hand, those on open systems will find that their maintenance costs are lowered, sales are increased, and customer service improved. Open systems technology such as the Altéa CMS has an intuitive check-in agent interface, helps to maximise loading on the aircraft, and automates functions at all steps in the journeyfrom check-in to seat planning and boarding gate configuration. And while they may not realise it, passengers experience smoother flights with fewer delays, faster check-ins, more efficient baggage handling, and overall, a more pleasant travelling experience.

So the next time you fly, consider all the steps in the journey that can be vastly improved with the help of first-class IT. You will soon see that the future of the airline industry lies in a decision that almost all airlines are facing right now. Will they fight to make their existing technology bend and stretch in ways that it is not designed to, and continue to experience the problems that make a passenger, such as yourself, less satisfied? Or will they choose to future-proof their business by choosing cutting-edge IT that is intuitive to passenger needs, and improves not only the travel experience, but also the carriers bottom line? The Asia Pacific aviation industry is certainly beginning to see the light and show the way forward, as more carriers move towards first-class IT systems that will help them to navigate the future and come out on top.


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