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Big Data will still be a game changer, says AWS channels boss

Chris Player | Oct. 12, 2015
The advantages of the Cloud in general and, hopefully, AWS in particular is reducing sales cycle time, he said.

AWS head of global alliance strategy, Brian Matsubara, has been with the Cloud provider for six-and-a-half years. For six-and-a-quarter of those years he headed up the Cloud provider’s Technology partner team. He has now moved into a new role as head of the AWS global partner program. And that means channel.

“I have recently stepped into a role where I have been working on channel strategy across different business models including telecommunications,” he told ARN.

There were a swathe of new announcements at AWS re:Invent 2015, but the one that is near and dear to Matsubara’s heart is the bring your own license for Windows as he and his team worked on the project.

“It was one of the more frequent requests from our customers for a long time,” he said.

“We are a services provider license agreement [SPLA] partner with Microsoft so Windows is baked into the cost of EC2 [AWS Elastic compute Cloud], but a lot of enterprise customers were telling us that they had a volume license with Microsoft already so they had already paid for the operating system and didn’t want to pay for it already, so this is huge.”

“We worked with Microsoft a couple of years ago to create its mobility licensing program but that was only for application software or everything above Windows OS. This is the first time that we have been able to do license mobility for the OS licenses.”

The challenge of selling Cloud

Matsubara went on to discuss the problems he has been trying to solve for partners attempting to sell AWS solutions and how the legacy IT discourse can inhibit these sales opportunities.

“We want to make AWS the most attractive platform and make the partners and their ecosystem stronger and create the greatest value out there to sell,” he said.

“The advantages of the Cloud in general and, hopefully, AWS in particular is reducing sales cycle time.

“Once you reduce the time that a sales cycle takes, that becomes interesting to the partners. If they can close deals in three weeks that used to take three months, that’s very interesting to them.

“If you allow them to sell to a broader customer set, weather that be through different tiers inside a market, from enterprise all the way down to SMB and different geographic territories, I think that’s of interest to them too.

“That’s where the Cloud helps them, it’s speed and pipeline, and as broad of a pipeline as possible helps them too.”

The persistent game changer

With such a vast array of new offerings across multiple technology platforms, AWS is now going full speed at targeting that part of the market that has resisted the public Cloud movement to this point.


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