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BLOG: 12 Top Tech Rumors We Hope Will (and Won't) Come True

Jeff Bertolucci | July 19, 2011
When tech rumors fly, we either say "Want!" or "Don't bother."

We Hope Won't Come True: Kinect Has a Future in the Sex Biz

Purveyors of porn are often early adopters of new technology, and Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect device may be the next big thing in a-partner-would-be-nice-but-this-will-have-to-do ersatz encounters. Microsoft has washed its hands of Kinect sex games, but that hasn't stopped game developer Thrixxx (yeah, Triple X) from releasing a demo video showing how a Kinect sex game might work. We won't link to the clip, but we suspect that Kinect's hands-off approach to simulated whoopee may leave more than a few players unfulfilled. 

We Hope Will Come True: Sprint and T-Mobile to Get the iPhone

Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek predicted in May that Sprint and T-Mobile would get the iPhone by the 2011 holiday shopping season. This now seems increasingly likely. To combat Android's growing market share in the United States, Apple must expand the iPhone's reach to all four major wireless carriers--or all three, if the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger wins federal approval. 

We Hope Won't Come True: Apple iPad 3 Arrives This Fall

Rumors that a next-generation iPad will arrive in the fall just won't die. Whether you call it the iPad 3 or iPad 2 Plus, the alleged higher-resolution slate will reportedly coexist with the iPad 2, but target a business or otherwise upscale clientele, gossipers say. Well, we say that the next iPad won't arrive until 2012. Apple owns the tablet business for the time being, and it doesn't need to rush a new model to market. 


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