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BLOG: Archiving strategies for successful eDiscovery

Koh Eng Kheng | Nov. 15, 2011
Recent advancements in archiving technologies have made it much easier to address the challenges associated with growing volumes of e-mails and file shares.

Not only does this help organisations reclaim valuable storage space, this level of archive functionality ensures litigation and audit readiness by enforcing retention and disposition policies. In addition, the ability to add file archiving as an extension of e-mail archiving enables organisations to address the increasing trend to include files as part of eDiscovery actions.

Modern archiving solutions include the features and functionality to improve information governance and optimise data tiering to ensure that costs can be managed and processes are repeatable and defensible.

Modern Data Management Model Unifies Archives & Backups

Conventional wisdom about separating backups and archives is giving way to a new approach, which blends to ease business continuity, data recovery and eDiscovery. It is becoming increasingly clear that this unified approach can reduce processing effort and storage costs; explaining why the momentum is growing for modern data management models that deliver the flexibility to move data from backups to archives while minimising their interaction with core applications. To accomplish this, however, requires a singular information framework where all data is managed from a single source across all locations, media and public or private clouds from cradle to grave.

Such an innovative approach lets all organisational data of a similar nature (e.g., e-mail, attachments, databases, video, audio, instant messages, etc.) to be viewed, stored and managed using integrated policies and procedures. In this fashion, information can be stored, organised and retained according to its business value. The result can dramatically improve access while enabling end-to-end information governance.

In time, the overarching benefits of seamless integration of backup and archiving will change the way companies think, especially as the benefits of accelerating large-volume discovery searches and secure legal holds are realised firsthand.

Koh Eng Kheng is regional director, ASEAN of CommVault

[1] Various Osterman Research Surveys as described in "Why Cloud-Based Security and Archving Makes Sense," an Osterman Research White Paper published in March 2010.



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