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BLOG: Data demand driving consumption of capacity

Diarmid Massey | Nov. 5, 2012
Demand for data is putting a strain on networks and challenges for the future include predicting how much more capacity is needed.

For enterprises, cloud computing allows for more efficient utilisation of IT assets in the form of highly flexible infrastructure which can be scaled in line with demand, such as peak loads and seasonal variations. Rising network speeds will accelerate information exchange and data usage for both consumers and businesses. With so much data from both consumers and enterprises, there is little wonder why experts have warned of the coming of an "Exaflood", a term first coined by Bret Swanson of the Discovery Institute for the impending flood of Exabyte that would cause the Internet's congestive collapse. Fortunately, the global Internet traffic has continued its exponential growth, undisturbed.

The consumption for network capacity will continue to grow as Internet traffic reaches a Zettabyte (a thousand Exabytes) a year, pointing to new fears of a "Zettaflood". Telecom providers act as invaluable nexuses by providing sufficient capacity on the networks so that the world can stay connected. They are the unsung heroes of modern society and their networks knit together the fabric of businesses, governments and societies.

Diarmid Massey is managing director, Global Wholesale and Carriers at Cable&Wireless Worldwide 




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