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BLOG: Equinix’s top technology trends for 2014

Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix South Asia | Jan. 30, 2014
With the exponential growth in data, here are five key trends to note in 2014.

The Asia-Pacific data center markets have enjoyed a year of robust growth and 2014 is poised to be another season of data-driven acceleration. Singapore's prime geographical location and advanced technological development in Asia makes it uniquely placed to take advantage of the data surge. The new data stimulants of cloud services, mobile content, personal content, social media and the big data demands of sectors like financial services are set to take us to new data consumption highs in 2014. With the exponential growth in data, these are five key trends to note in 2014. 

1.      Public and Private Cloud Service Providers to Drive IT Market Demand:

2014 is expected to be a year of explosive growth in cloud service consumption with all the major cloud providers becoming more aggressive in deploying their services. Over the coming year, many enterprise CIOs will move beyond simply deploying selected applications in the cloud and start to really move cloud services mainstream for their production environments.

There will be even more enterprises that choose hybrid cloud architecture in order to maximize the performance of mission-critical applications. These companies will continue to benefit from the security and reliability of the private cloud and on-premise data centers, as well as the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud.

In its 2014 prediction piece, Gartner stated that enterprises should design private cloud services with a hybrid future in mind and make sure future integration and interoperability are possible. The private-or-public cloud debate of yesteryear has shifted to the private-and-public cloud debate: namely what data should reside in the private cloud and what should reside in the public cloud.

2.      Convergence of Business and Personal Use of Technology

While the cloud is a big contributing factor to data center demand, other drivers that will remain key in the year ahead include rising mobility. The increasing use of personal mobile devices in the work place means that a constant stream of structured and unstructured data is being created, contributing significantly to the rise in traffic.

Employees have been using their personal devices at work for quite some time, much to the dismay of the IT department. Now that the floodgates of Do-It-Yourself IT (DIY-IT) have opened, more employees than ever are adapting the services that they use in their personal lives (i.e. Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) as business and collaboration tools.

The concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has evolved to include Bring Your Own Apps and Bring Your Own Cloud, which is creating new IT challenges for the enterprise beyond simply managing devices. For 2014, the cloud will play a more pronounced role in propelling this trend. DIY-IT makes it a technological imperative for companies of any size to secure their cloud's data and processes, in addition to all the components that connect into it.


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