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Jack Loo | July 7, 2011
Mainframes are sound investments when done right.

We are absolutely positive that the right amount of investments both in upkeeping their mainframe infrastructure and improving the software on it will pay off.

Research done by Rubin suggests that a hypothetical server-based company, all things being equal, spends an average of US$4.7 million more in expenses compared to a mainframe-based company. A mainframe is definitely an investment that when done right, will definitely show results.

4) Who are your clients in Asia?

Our customers in the Asia Pacific are mainly major banks, insurance companies, telcos and government departments with mainframes utilising our Mainframe Management Solutions. Some examples are Bank Internasional Indonesia and in South Korea, some of our customers include Woori Finance Information Systems, Dongbu CNI, Shinhan Card and National Tax Services.

Most of the workloads in the Asia Pacific today are legacy in nature as a result of the business processes that have been embedded for many years. In some instances, there is a business justification to change the business processes. We are witnessing some customers who are in the process of modernising their businesses. They are renewing these legacy applications and moving from n-tier to two-tier architectures significantly. These customers are retaining or in some cases, re-hosting the database onto the mainframe for a combination of reasons; such as performance, availability, scalability and the high level of security offered on the mainframe.

As a result, many of our mainframe customers are engaging us to assist them in Application Performance Management that traverses the entire environment. As to re-hosting of mainframes, the first of the Asia Pacific markets where we are seeing this take place is South Korea. It's no coincidence that IBM is investing more into that market. We are also seeing a trend of customers halting mainframe migrations/transformations, as they are now starting to reinvest and significantly grow their mainframe systems.

6) What are some of your offerings in the mainframe space?

One of the main initiatives that CA Technologies is focused on is Mainframe 2.0. It is a revolutionary strategy that helps to maximise platform value and performance, make mainframe management easier, and provide practical innovation to ensure that the mainframe stays relevant to a company's evolving IT needs by:

-Dramatically simplifying how both mainframe experts and novices alike install, maintain and deploy CA Technologies software through CA Mainframe Software Manager.

-Unifying the fragmented suite of tools used by mainframe staff to monitor and solve problems through CA Mainframe Chorus.

-Maximising mainframe value and performance through revolutionary management tools and services.

-Simplifying mainframe management so that businesses can do more with less people.

-Supporting an agile business by enabling the mainframe to remain a strong and flexible foundation of the business' IT ecosystem.


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