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Chinese Microsoft Office rival launching on Web soon

Owen Fletcher | Aug. 7, 2009
The company has long offered its Java-based office software

"Their product is actually pretty attractive," said Bian. "For now they need to strengthen their branding."

Evermore, Microsoft and others could benefit by offering Web-based versions of their software in China, she said. Rampant use of pirated programs in Chinese homes and offices cuts into revenue for software makers in the country.

Rather than charging license fees for their programs, software makers can offer them for free online and bring in revenue from ads or from user fees for value-added services, said Bian.

But even Evermore agreed it faces stiff competition from Microsoft Office, which dominates the global market.

"I believe we will maintain some competitive strengths relative to Microsoft," Rong said. "Of course, having an edge in technology is not the same as an edge in the market."


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