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Cloud, virtualization: Wasting IT resources

Kevin Fogarty | March 1, 2010
Despite enhancements on both cloud and virtual computing products, major vendors aren't taking into account many of the ways even a technology designed to save IT resources can unintentionally waste them.

Virtual machines try to do the same thing, but since they share one machine, they end up dumping all their data on the hypervisor, which is designed for CPU load-balancing, not sophisticated management of data streaming and I/O optimization, Johnson says.

"The hypervisor is having to compensate for what's almost a random stream of I/O, so it's a lot slower than it could be," says Johnson, who maintains about 150 physical servers and 200 VMs using Microsoft's Hyper-V. and speaks at Microsoft conferences about how server tuning can increase the number of VMs each Hyper-V server can support.

Johnson is testing an I/O and storage optimization tool called Virsto One from Virsto Software that intercepts streams of data from virtual machines, sorts out the data and streams it through the bus to allow the writes and reads to each individual disk to be done sequentially, rather than in random order.


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