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Cognitive computing promises to change the game

Anup Varier | Dec. 5, 2013
At a time when humans are clearly reaching the limits of what we can absorb and understand, the main benefit of having machines working alongside humans is the ability to access the best of both worlds.

NLQA technology can improve a virtual customer service representative. NLQA can also be used by doctors to research huge amounts of medical journals and clinical tests to help diagnose an ailment or choose a suitable treatment plan. These supporting technologies are foundational for both humans and machines as we move forward to a digital future and enterprises should consider quantum computing, prescriptive analytics, neurobusiness, NLQA, big data, complex event processing, in-memory database management system (DBMS), cloud computing, in-memory analytics and predictive analytics.

The IT department faces the challenge of running a setup under enormous disruptions where the pace of innovation is only increasing. "Cognitive systems will assist the humans to mange these disruptions and let operate in this environment. This is like the transition from horse-drawn carriages to automobile," says Zach.


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