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Companies lack skills to build business technology

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 11, 2013
Report says one third of technology executives not trained to build business technology.

Enterprises don’t have the required skills to build business technology (BT) and a report indicates that 30-40 percent of technology executives are not trained for such work.

A newly released report from Forrester shows the growing awareness of customers who use technology to compare and make purchases. As the customers become more informed, it has become imperative for enterprises to invest in both information technology (IT) and BT. While IT helps in cost containment, BT assists in customer attainment.

Management and improvement of IT infrastructure will help businesses to achieve this goal. BT management will improve customer interactions and help organisations understand customers through big data and analytics.

However, BT and IT should also be aligned in organisations as segregating the two departments will decrease efficiency and not deliver high quality customer experiences to clients.

"The CIO and team must continue to manage and improve IT (infrastructure) – the supply chains, financial systems, HR systems, and production systems that operate the corporation,” said Forrester CEO, George Colony, in the new co-authored report. “But in addition, the team must take on the business technology (BT) agenda – building technologies, systems, and process to win, retain, and serve customers.

Need for good software

Success of BT programmes in organisations depend on investing in good software as quality software ensures enterprises can retain customers across a range of industries.

The efficacy of BT can be approved by focusing on customer metrics, financial metrics and system-of-engagement metrics. 

Financial metrics will link BT to corporate financial goals, system-of-engagement metrics will find out if BT is sustaining and serving customer connections; and customer metrics will track technology’s contribution to customer creation and retention.

Forrester advises businesses to rationalise technology assets and practices and leverage customer experience disciplines to bring together IT, BT, and customer groups.

The research firm also advises organisations to collaborate technology management with marketing. Much of BT will be built according to marketing’s specifications and requirements so relations between IT and marketing should be improved.

“The CIO and team are best qualified to manage the complexity of emerging BT systems. As an example, systems of operation that contain critical customer data must be transformed to become agile systems of engagement capable of serving mobile customers with the right content, in the appropriate context, with the highest possible convenience," added Colony.


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