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Dead database walking: MySQL's creator on why the future belongs to MariaDB

Rohan Pearce | April 2, 2013
MySQL's creator, Michael "Monty" Widenius, is scathing on database's future with Oracle

"Together with SkySQL we have built a customer base of 300-plus quite big customers. The main services we have provided is development services. SkySQL has been doing front support to companies and we have provided that back support both for MariaDB and MySQL."

The company is "very like" the original MySQL business, "minus OEM licences and end-user support. For the end user support we use partners like SkySQL.

"You could say that Monty Program Ab plus SkySQL is very much like MySQL, except that the MariaDB is now always open source."

The company has a Google-esque 40/40/20 per cent split for employees' time: 40 per cent of their time is spent on new development, mainly customer projects; 40 per cent is spent working with the MariaDB community on code reviews, bug fixing and merging new code into MariaDB; and 20 per cent is spent on projects chosen by the individual.

"One could say that Monty Program Ab has donated 40 % of its developers' time to the community for making the MariaDB project possible," Widenius say.

"Now the MariaDB foundation will take over some of the community time and free Monty Program Ab to concentrate on serving customers."


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