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Easily track your family tree with Reunion 10

Jeffery Battersby | April 5, 2013
Leister Productions' genealogy application, Reunion, has always been an easy-to-use, intelligently-designed tool for collecting and cataloging ancestry information. Reunion 10 is no different, adding useful features to an already excellent product and making it that much easier to keep track of who you are and where you came from.

Reunion 10 includes some interesting new reports, one called On This Date and another called Obituary Report. On This Date lets you view the events in a selected family member's life based upon a selected date. For example, if you want to know how many living relatives your uncle had the day he got married, you can select your uncle and then use the Reference Date menu to select the date of his marriage and you would see a complete listing of all your uncle's living relatives at that time.

The Obituary Report uses information you've entered for an individual (including spouses, children, and other relatives) to create an obituary for that person as it might appear in the newspaper. The purpose of this report is to give you something to compare to a real obituary to help you find information that you may have missed when looking at an original obituary by itself.

The only complaint I have with Reunion is how easy it is to delete media files associated with a family member. Click a photo for a family member and press the delete key and the media file disappears without a warning and without an undo option. Not a very friendly feature for what is otherwise a superior application.

Bottom line

Reunion 10 remains the best genealogy tool I've had the pleasure to use. Simple data entry married with a number of ways to view, report, and present your information make Reunion 10 the only way you'll want to collect, manage, and create your family's history.


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