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Edyn smart garden probe review: A promising idea that falls short on delivery

Michael Brown | June 24, 2015
Gardening can be a relaxing experience, especially when you get to sit back and admire the view of an established landscape. But as any experienced gardener will tell you, planting and maintaining a garden can also be exhausting, frustrating, and expensive--especially when things don't go right. You're admiring your beautiful plants on Sunday, and next thing you know, they're yellow, wilted, or dead. The Edyn smart garden system promises to help you take better care of your plants with a probe that monitors your garden's immediate environment, and a water valve that automatically waters your plants when the probe reports they need it. I'll review the probe here; the valve won't be available until later this year.

Should you plant an Edyn in your garden?

Edyn is currently fulfilling preorders and is preparing to ship into the retail channel. You should find it in stores such as Home Depot on our around July 1. But I'm not ready to give it a "buy" recommendation--it just has too many shortcomings. Gardens are easy to forget, especially if you don't walk past them every day. But Edyn is just as easy to forget--the app won't proactively warn you if things look bad. You must consciously pull out your phone, launch the app, and check it yourself. Okay, let's say you develop that habit. How accurate is the information that's presented?

If you follow best gardening practices and use drip irrigation to deliver water to your plants' drip lines, Edyn probably won't accurately report the moisture levels across the 250 square feet that it's advertised to be capable of monitoring. If you apply fertilizer only around each plant, as opposed to fertilizing the soil throughout your flowerbed, Edyn won't be able to accurately report nutrition levels, either. Edyn's recommendation regarding light levels didn't jive with its own measurements, but that issue is probably easier for the developer to fix.

I suppose Edyn would be great for nurturing a single trophy plant or a few plants in close proximity to one another, but I just don't see it being capable of doing that for an entire garden.


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