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Guest View: Top 10 business intelligence trends for 2014

J Y Pook | Jan. 30, 2014
J Y Pook, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Tableau Software, discusses the top 10 trends in business intelligence that will be imperative for businesses in the year ahead.

People are increasingly coming to realize that a dashboard deluge without context is not helpful. Stories become a way to communicate ideas and insights using data. They also help people gain meaning from an overwhelming mass of big and disparate data.

  • Primary experience lies in mobile business intelligence

For leading-edge organisations, mobile business intelligence becomes the primary experience, not an occasional experience. Business users increasingly demand access to information within the natural flow of their day, not back at their desks.

  • Analyzing social data

Organisations begin to analyze social data in earnest, gaining insight beyond number of their likes and followers. Social data becomes a proxy for brand awareness and attitude, as well as fertile ground for competitive analysis. Companies begin to use social data to understand how relevant they are to their customers

  • NoSQL is the new Hadoop

Organisations explore how to use unstructured data. NoSQL technologies become more popular as companies seek ways to assimilate this kind of data. But in 2014, the intelligent use of unstructured data will still be the exception and not the norm

A transformation is already underway in the business intelligence landscape, one propelled by the fast changing technology landscape. Companies are becoming more 'democratized' and increasingly recognize the business value of empowering users to make decisions, which is where self-service business intelligence tools comes into play. While data-driven challenges will continue to plague businesses, new and emerging innovations will continue to contribute to the growing demand for business intelligence across the board.


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