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High performance analytics for Malaysian businesses

AvantiKumar | May 25, 2012
SAS announces high-performance analytics software and services for local organisations.

Andrew Tan, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia

PHOTO - Andrew Tan, managing director of SAS Malaysia.

Business analytics provider SAS Malaysia has announced high-performance analytics software and solutions to help local organisations perform faster and more complex processes on big data.

SAS Malaysia managing director Andrew Tan said local businesses could extract insights from big data and more speedily secure business opportunities.

"High-performance analytics is the most significant SAS technology advance in at least 10 years because such analytics provides answers when the information is still useful and leaves time to explore multiple possibilities,” said Tan, adding that the solution was appliance-ready software for Teradata and Greenplum, and 'performed complex analytics processes on big data, reducing analysis time from days to hours, from minutes to seconds, on billions of rows of data.'

He cited Forrester Research, which said that on average, data doubled every 18 months for critical applications, while for some, such as telecommunication call-data-record applications, it could quadruple in the same period.

"In the past, organisations relied heavily on transactional and electronic commerce data, but today new types of workloads are entering the organisational landscape, ranging from mobile, social media, instrumented data, metering data to documents, audio, and video," said Tan.

"Unstructured data, accounting for more than 80 percent of today’s data, can be difficult to analyse, often swamping traditional computer architectures," he said. "SAS High-Performance Analytics helps organisations to address 'big data,' to reveal hidden relationships within structured and unstructured data –in order to uncover potential opportunities, such as new lines of business, untapped customer segments, client satisfaction issues and profits.

The SAS High-Performance Analytics product family includes other solutions, such as SAS High-Performance Risk, SAS Visual Analytics and its patent-pending SAS LASR Analytic Server.

Especially beneficial

Tan said that SAS High-Performance Analytics could be especially beneficial in the financial services, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors.

"For example, a large financial services firm with millions of customer accounts and thousands of products can merge customer call centre transcripts with demographic and financial data to improve response rates from marketing campaigns with SAS," he said. "In addition, with the speed of high-performance analytics, marketers could interactively adjust and fine-tune scenarios to find the best way to reach customers."

"Every business is facing an overload of information," said Tan. "The challenge is making it actionable in an ever shrinking window of opportunity. With in-memory analytics, we are taking complex analytical processes such as credit risk scoring or marketing optimisation or value at risk calculations and reducing its processing time from hours to minutes."


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