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How cross-platform tools make It easier to develop for both iOS and Android

Paul Rubens | Dec. 6, 2013
If you're building applications for Android and iOS, cross-platform mobile development tools can make you more productive. Just don't expect the results to look pretty.

However, this type of visual differences probably isn't a problem for developers making multiplatform apps for internal enterprise usage. Here the need is to get the functionality "out there," rather than make the app look beautiful, IDC's Hilwa says. "Unlike in the consumer space, enterprises are much more willing to make compromises if they can get more productivity out of their developers, so cross-platform tools are a big deal."

Question Marks for Future of Cross-platform Mobile Dev Tools
It remains to be seen whether cross-platform tools will continue to be a "big deal" in the future. According to Gartner's Knoernschild, open Web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS can't be written off just yet.

"As these Web technologies mature, there will be the opportunity to use them to develop cross-platform apps that rival native apps," he says. "Especially for companies that don't need particularly sophisticated features, cross-platform tools will likely face some serious competition from HTML5, CSS and JavaScript in the future."


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