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How to back up your Apple photo library

Doug Drinkwater | May 4, 2016
We investigate the best solution for keeping backups of all your photos

It's worth clicking the "Encrypt local backup" option under the iTunes Backup option as this saves all account passwords from your iOS devices, removing the chance someone else will intercept them and restore your data - and account details - on their own device.

How to back up your Apple photo library with a hard drive

You can't go wrong with an external hard drive, as it remains one of the most cost effective, secure and convenient way of backing up photos and other data.

You can pick-up a 1TB HDD for as low as £40, a 2TB version for £60 and 3TB for around £80. The larger you go the more likely the HDD will drag power from the mains and not USB 2.0 or 3.0.

HDDs are extremely cost effective, reliable and simple to use. But they could equally be lost, stolen or corrupted.

How to back up your Apple photo library through other methods

There are various other services and products that will help you store photos, but you might not have thought - or come across - all of them.

Facebook, for example, offers 2GB of free data with uploads set to private. Its limited storage, and the image quality, or privacy terms, are not ideal, but it remains an option.

Instagram is a more obvious choice as it lets you upload an unlimited number of photos and short videos for free, while Flickr offers a tempting 1TB and a slick interface for free (don't expect to back-up videos).  Amazon Cloud Drive is attractive for Amazon Prime customers, while Mega gives you 50GB for free and above-average security.

SugarSync and Space Monkey are less obvious choices; the former has apps on every platform but is expensive, while Space Monkey neatly combines cloud and HDD in a 2TB HDD that is free for the first year.

And of course are also inexpensive optical discs (CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-ray), Flash memory sticks and thumb drives.

How to back up your Apple photo library: Summary

There are clearly a number of options to consider when backing up your iOS photos, but our choice would have to be either iCloud or Dropbox due to their abilities of offering automatic cloud sync. We would also recommend having a physical hard disk drive backup in case anything should go wrong. 

Source: Macworld


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