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How to use analytics to save your IT department

Rob Enderle | Dec. 9, 2013
As times change, so does the role of IT. A generation ago, it had to embrace PCs and client/server solutions.

If IT monitored its users as EMC monitors its customers, then it would know long before it's replaced or downsized that it has a problem and would be able to prioritize its own solution and present it as an alternative to being replaced by an outside service. Applying such a program of data capture and analytics to the behavior of line employees, the customers of IT, could prevent the kind of disconnect that makes IT cyclically redundant.

Do You Want Apple or Amazon DictatingYour IT Policy?
IT's inability to do this has triggered the decline of PCs and the push to BYOD, which largely benefits Apple, and more consumer-driven services, which has helped AWS achieve incredible growth. These two companies are taking over IT policy. Every time they do, IT becomes less relevant.

Yes, IT can embrace these disruptive products and services and recover this time. But how about the next time? And how about avoiding all the drama in the first place? Users went from hating tablets to loving them quickly, and AWS cut through IT services like a hot knife through butter. With the right analytics, IT would have seen this coming and been far more prepared to deal with it strategically, rather than play Whack-a-Mole.

You are increasingly being asked to deploy analytics on your firm's customers. Consider using it on your IT department's customers, too, to ensure that IT remains strong and relevant. If you have EMC as a vendor, as a start I suggest a briefing on how the company knows what you want.


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