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HPE finds chatrooms - or 'chatops' - instrumental for Devops success

Tamlin Magee | July 18, 2016
HPE learned that embracing the chatroom could be a useful way forward for fostering collaboration

The monitoring tools and other bots are made available in the chat rooms to all the various teams. "They have the ability to customise their environment as they see fit," Garcia said. "You don't want to force people to do something that isn't valuable to their particular environment" - and it's not useful for anyone to introduce information that's not used or processed by that team.

"For us, this chatops environment became the mechanism of being able to work across the various silos without some mass, organisational change," said Garcia.

"Bringing them into the chatops environment and having them engage on a daily basis, real time, constantly and transparently - that's what started to get these guys actually working together as a team and thinking together and helping each other."

"We still have our siloes, but the team is working very seamlessly across these," Kuthiala said. "I see it as a collaboration mechanism between man and machine, which is very interesting." He cited a 'Devops manifesto' that HPE created to illustrate a path towards creating a devops strategy - no easy feat for such a large organisation.

"It was the underlying key to this - we are going to work together as one team. You have the independence to do what you need, as long as you're aligned with that same goal, we will move forward."


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