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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) provides real time monitoring of large volumes of data

Ray Solnik | July 8, 2014
This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

Find a real problem to address because it is still early for this sector and implementations can be challenging. You want the results to pay off, generate real value. Working on a real problem albeit a manageable one will go a long way to proving whether or not ITOA is going to perform for you.

Once you start applying ITOA in your operations and getting your hands dirty, you'll learn what it is that you can actually accomplish and start using what you learn to figure out how you can apply Big Data analytics to the rest of the enterprise as well.

* Get Involved. There are communities springing up all over to discuss ITOA. Hacker Dojos are a good place to start; if there isn't one in your community it might be a great opportunity for you to start one. Another place to look would be 160 Frontiers, which is an organization that coordinates advanced analytics meetups particularly in Silicon Valley.

These communities are great places to share knowledge with others in your geographic area about what they're doing with ITOA, and to work out ways that you might be able to collaborate or share expertise.

Contrary to what you may hear at some industry conferences, at this stage of the game, ITOA is very much not a fire-and-forget kind of solution. In particular, be careful of claims from large integrated software providers who say they have advanced or Big Data analytics and easy ways to integrate it into your environment, as well as smaller vendors who claim their tool can solve all problems. These custom solutions can be more like consulting engagements than software that can be rolled across an organization.


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