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IT pros blast Google over Android's refusal to play nice with IPv6

Jon Gold | June 24, 2015
Two trains made of fiber, copper and code are on a collision course, as the widespread popularity of Android devices and the general move to IPv6 has put some businesses in a tough position, thanks to Android's lack of support for a central component in the newer standard.

According to Stofega, many large enterprises have already begun IPv6 rollouts, which makes the issue even more serious.

"You've done a lot of work to implement this and then the biggest ... operating system has declined to support it," he told Network World. "It's a big, big problem."

Stofega, however, remains upbeat for the long term.

"My personal opinion is that they'll eventually figure out the best way to go about it," he said. "As everyone says, the real money is in the enterprise."

But despite Google's recent emphasis on the business market, with the release of Android and Google Apps for Work, the company seems to be at loggerheads with a number of potential customers at the moment.


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