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KeRanger ransomware attacks Mac users

Anthony Caruana | March 7, 2016
Ransomware is software that encrypts the contents of your computer. The only way to recover access to your data is to either pay the malware distributor a ransom, usually using Bitcoin so the funds are untraceable, or by recovering your data from the last known good backup.

A final word

It's hard to not get a little preachy here. BitTorrent clients are mainly used to access content that is not available through official means or in order to avoid paying for content distributed through legitimate channels.

While it was the BitTorrent client that was infected - and this is a timely reminder that even software developers can be breached- illegally distributed media and software is an easy mark for malware distributors.

KeRanger could, potentially, be injected into almost any file for distribution.

Chances are, it is now freely available to any cybercriminal who wants to make a few bucks.

Cybercrime is an industry and has a marketplace where malicious software is traded and sold. That means it could pop up almost anywhere from now on.

Source: Macworld AU 


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