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Krento is a productivity-boosting launcher and Start-menu replacement

Yaara Lancet | April 2, 2013
For most of us, it's no big deal launching programs and websites, nor opening files and directories. Click a shortcut here, a bookmark there, and you're on your way. For some, however, this feels terribly clunky. Well-known solutions such as Launchy, ObjectDock, and RocketDock try to solve this problem by introducing innovative launchers, but they're not right for everyone. Krento is an alternative made for anyone who's frustrated with plain old Windows, and is looking for a new and easy way to launch everything from one place.

From here you can also install additional elements called Toys. Krento toys are in fact desktop widgets, and are either useful ones indicating time, date, CPU usage, and available hard disk space, or fun ones such as a swimming goldfish, a shiny Christmas tree, etc. Note that while the website maintains that Krento supports docklets from ObjectDock and RocketDock, this is actually no longer the case.  You can, however, create your own docklets if you like to program, or download a few others on Krento's support forum.

Krento's aforementioned Applications browser can be used to launch any program or file by using a Start-menu-like live search; start typing a name and results will appear in real time. Krento is meant to replace your desktop icons, bookmarks, and even your Start menu, so it's doubly useful on Windows 8, and will even support touch gestures in the future.

Krento's pretty intuitive to use, but includes many options and features you'll find only by exploring the online documentation, so if you're looking for a program you can install and start using immediately, this is not it. If, however, you're willing to invest an hour or two in reading, playing, and configuring, you'll find that Krento can revolutionize the way you use your PC.

Note: This software comes in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The Download button on the appropriate Product Information page will download the software to your system.


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