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Linky review: Supercharge your iOS 8 sharing extension

J.R. Bookwalter | Aug. 14, 2015
App extensions and sharing options are but two of the most convenient additions to iOS 8, further closing the feature gap with Android. Instead of relying upon awkward hacks and workarounds, third-party developers can now extend the reach of their apps like never before, without compromising device security in the process.

Linky works with Twitter, Facebook, and, and as someone who frequently updates several Facebook Pages, having the convenience of being able to write once and post everywhere is quite liberating indeed--simply tap the account header, select where you want to post, and hit Send. Several popular link shortening services like and Google are also included, but require an account to use.

Thanks to the single sign-in feature integrated into iOS, adding Twitter and Facebook accounts is equally painless; the less-popular still requires a username and password, however. I initially had a vague "credentials do not allow access to this resource" error when attempting to send tweets from my iPhone (but not my iPad), which was quickly resolved by reentering my Twitter passwords in iOS 8.4.

Bottom line

Packed with convenience, Linky makes sharing to social networks from an iOS device more awesome by reducing the number of steps required in the process.


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