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Literacy Planet app finds success in Asia

Jessica Gardner (via AFR) | May 7, 2013
Fairy bread and red cordial are not ­obvious learning aids, but kids were so mad for a new online educational game launched in 2010 that they were hosting Literacy Planet parties.



Schools pay for access. In Australia, the cost is about $15 per student, per annum. Going into Asia, the cost will vary depending on the socio-economic status of the school and the distribution agreement. In Australia, 50,000 students use Literacy Planet. The company has just pierced $1 million in revenue.

Through organic growth, about 8000 foreign users from 15 countries are using Literacy Planet.

A commitment in the Philippines, via an introduction from Map to a company that delivers text messaging services to schools (such as alerting parents to truancy), will increase that number to 13,000 this year, Roberts says.

The company is a "launch partner" to FrogAsia in Malaysia, a virtual learning world. It has also teamed up with a Shanghai-based education company.

Up until this point, children overseas have used an Australian version of ­Literacy Planet, but the company intends to begin tailoring content, which will open it up to "the bigger mass markets", Roberts says.

As a cloud-based service, the start-up can capture, store and analyse data for use by teachers - anything from the number of correct answers to how long individual students spend on a question or what themes kids are struggling with. It's this back-end that the company will focus on for its tailored content, as young users engage so deeply with the gameplay that the foreign ­language doesn't seem to matter.


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