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Material Design theme for Galaxy S6 and Edge gives your phone that stock Android look

Derek Walter | June 26, 2015
Finding the theme in the marketplace has been a chore for some given Samsung's strange organizational strategy.

material design theme galaxy s6

You can finally make your Galaxy S6 and Edge look the way Google intended it to-with slick, flat, colorful Material Design.

That's thanks to developer Samer Zayer, who published a stock Android design to Samsung's theme store. By the look of the screenshots, your Galaxy S6 could almost pass for a Nexus phone with all those Googly icons and animations. To download it, you'll need to head into the Samsung Theme Store on your device.

Zayer said it's been a rocky road to make this happen. Samsung nixed his creation at first because some wallpapers and icons were copyrighted by Google, even though the icon pack was under a Creative Commons license. 

samsung stock theme

The theme gives your phone a Lollipop-inspired look.

All had supposedly been resolved, but then the theme appeared in the "Themes for Men" section, as if Material Design is only for those with a Y chromosome. Android Police spotted it in the What's New section, though it's supposedly not live in all countries. Bottom line-be willing to look around a bit to hunt the theme down.

Why this matters: The flurry of forum posts about this theme illustrate how it took a third-party developer to deliver what Samsung should have: a stock, pure Android theme. This isn't the era of Android Donut anymore: Material Design looks good. Android doesn't need to be hidden by skins or mucked up with bloatware. At least, however, we've moved to the point where you have the freedom on such a flagship phone to change up the look without installing a launcher. But it seems that manufacturers still need to listen to enthusiasts a little more closely.

Source: PCWorld


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