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Pencil Banner uses analytics to figure out what women want

Sneha Jha | Sept. 12, 2014
<p>Do women prefer smokers, non-smokers, or social smokers? uses big data analytics to unearth that and more.&nbsp;</p>

Analytics could also help tweak the profile form asks its users to fill.

Filling the profile form is critical point in the marriage hunt process. Subscribers sift through a host of profiles before selecting a suitable candidate. That makes profile information crucial. The profile form is quite comprehensive, comprising several mandatory and non-mandatory fields."We keep a some fields non-mandatory at the time of registration since several questions require time to fill. The 'about me' field, for example. The key is to understand which of the mandatory and non-mandatory fields are critical for alliance generation," says Iyer. figured it could use big data analytics to generate intelligence to advise customers what fields have strong correlation with alliance interest generation and how they should fill them. That's invaluable information from a member's point of view.The variety and volume of data is flooded with is vast. But there was a need to link the oceans of data in telesales, customer support, Web/mobile data, retail, feet-on-street, e-mail/SMS for integrated campaign management and analytics.

Iyer decided to use big data and analytics to help the online match maker analyze its vast troves of data and create meaningful campaigns. He should know: For about 15 years, Iyer has been teaching marketing analytics to consulting firms across the globe.

Perfect Match's big data analytics journey commenced about 18 months ago. Iyer started by creating an internal vision documents around analytics and campaign management. He then undertook internal pilots.

In the first quarter of 2013, he conceptualized big data analytics project. His first job was to zero in on a solution that met three criteria. He wanted a solution that offered the best integrated marketing communication suite in terms of its ability to integrate multiple campaign sources such as Web, telesales, e-mail, SMS, etcetera, and was capable of handling diverse data sources, and handle scale.

The solution also needed to include a robust analytics that could handle very large and diverse data types. His final criteria was a great implementation partner.

Work quickly got underway and in the first phase, implemented the analytics solutions and deployed in April of 2014. Campaign management tools are now being implemented in phases across all channels.

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Clearly, the benefits are worth all the effort Iyer and his team put in. The project, says Iyer, achieved what it set out to do: Give the company insights into subscriber preferences."In a male subscriber's profile, we have a field that captures information about his smoking habits with three options: Non-smoker, social smoker, and frequent smoker. The big data analytics tool has helped us re-evaluate our understanding of how women reacted to this information," he says.


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