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My worst week with Windows 10 Preview: When downloads go very, very wrong

Mark Hachman | June 29, 2015
Windows 10 kicked my butt this week.

What I lost when my phone reset wasn't valuable; a few quick snaps, or an app I was trying out. Virtually everything is backed up to OneDrive, anyway. But are consumers going to bother with troubleshooting a new build for hours on end, when a perfectly stable one is already available? Without the promise of something earth-shattering around the corner, I think many will simply move back to the stability of Windows 10's RTM build. There's no shame in that.

Still, Microsoft's going to need to continue offering incentives--new features, at the minimum--for testers to try out and keep helping Microsoft develop further iterations of Windows 10. Yeah, I'm in it for the long haul. But not everyone's going to want to continue putting up with the headaches.


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