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Profiting from IT

IDG News Service | Nov. 2, 2009
Ironic as it may seem, but small-and medium-size businesses (SMBs) don't necessarily become high-tech just because they have all the latest technologies and solutions in place.

Reaching out to customers and working closely with its partners are also some of the ways Microsoft is doing to help SMBs see the value of technology, implement solutions effectively, and provide technical support and training if needed.

"We recognize that the current economic climate is also a challenge that business owners face in terms of making investments. This is why last May, we launched Windows Server 2008 Foundation, the most cost-efficient Windows Server product available in the market today and an ideal platform for small businesses," Eala says.

The upgraded Windows Server reportedly has mix of capabilities relevant to SMBs such as file and print sharing, remote access and security, and other general server purposes.

"Another good thing about Windows Server 2008 is that it suits small businesses since it can grow with the business," Eala says, noting in the event that a company expands, there is also an option to upgrade to higher versions of Windows Server which can provide additional functionalities.

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched a program called Bizspark in partnership with the Commission on ICT (CICT). Through Bizspark, Microsoft offers startup businesses fast and easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools and production licenses of server products with no upfront costs and minimal requirements.

Eala says what most distinguishes Microsoft in its SMB offering is the users' familiarity with its products. "Windows is still the most widely used operating system and all our products feature that familiar user interface. This makes it easier for businesses to adjust and familiarize their workforce with new technology. Cost efficiency is also something that we focus on."

However, besides Windows 2008, Eala adds the Microsoft Dynamics product line for different business management solutions are also designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. He says there is a variety of products in the market that will suit every business need and the key is to make the right investment and use it to its fullest.


Yet for Oracle, providing low-cost, low-risk, industry-specific and faster-time-to-value IT solutions are the ways in which SMBs can be empowered for them to realize the value of technology.

Pai reports that Oracle has introduced a strategic approach called Oracle Accelerate. It is designed to help organizations maximize IT investments and gain business value quickly as it delivers a broad set of applications, rapid implementation tools, and an extensive partner system.

He explains Oracle Accelerate solutions empower organizations to become more effective, efficient and profitable since the solutions are enterprise-caliber and not the typically stripped-down midmarket versions where organizations get to leverage on the same applications being used by big and successful enterprises in the world.


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