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Salesforce leader praises Cabinet Office agile drive

Derek du Preez | Nov. 22, 2013
Government should follow the private sector and drop monolithic IT projects

He said that the government needs to recognise the need for two lane IT, where the back-end is a stable platform that keeps the lights on, but the front-end is used for innovation and better connecting with citizens.

"You can't just rip everything out that you have done, but Phillips aren't doing that, neither is Unilever [Salesforce customers]. But what they are doing is innovation in the front office, innovation in front of your customer, this is where you've got to move faster," said Garnett.

"You don't generally innovate around your finance systems, you don't generally innovate around your manufacturing systems - a lot of that process innovation took place in the 80s and 90s so you can't really squeeze too much more out of that. It's stable, it's static."

He added: "How you behave in front of the customer is the differentiator. These companies know from their experience of putting SAP and Oracle in the back office, if they tried to do that in the front office they will only get there in five years time. It's creating this sort of segmentation of speeds: the fast lane, which is in front of your customer, and there's a slow lane, or hard shoulder, where you put your SAPs and Oracles."


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