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SOA positives and pitfalls

Jared Heng | April 17, 2008
Deploying service-oriented architecture (SOA) requires a business process management (BPM) perspective, along with organisation-wide collaboration in service development. But it can be hard to define.

Additionally, incentives are important in balancing liberation and governance for SOA. Brauel explains, Staff should not be rewarded based on the number of lines of programming code they produce, but on how much they create and share services that can be re-used by others in the organisation.

Different regional mindsets

Brauel notes that CIOs mindsets on SOA differ between regions. In the US, CIOs agendas focus on BPM, rather than SOA, he says. On the other hand, European CIOs are mainly concerned with efficiency gains in IT departments. Hence, they start out new projects with an SOA perspective before looking at BPM.

Asian CIOs are relatively less enthusiastic about new IT initiatives due to tight IT budgets, and so try to get as much business value as possible out of existing infrastructure, Henaghan says. Consequently, they are more focused on BPM.

Henaghan stresses that while SOA may evolve or even be called by a different name in future, the fundamental SOA principle of converging mindset, methodology and technology to develop new services is here to stay.

Software AG seeks to achieve EUR1 billion in annual revenue by 2010, says Henaghan. We will work with customers to help them re-use existing IT infrastructure to create new services.

He notes that the Asia-Pacific (including Japan) presents the company with significant business opportunities. While we have been active and successful in the Asia-Pacific, we have yet to achieve the levels of market penetration seen in our US and European operations.

Henaghan explains that the Asia-Pacific BPM software market is relatively less mature, as most enterprises are still engaged in educational discussions rather than active collaborations with vendors in BPM.


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