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Spam filtering on the cheap for your domain's email

Jeffery Battersby | June 19, 2015
A little over a year ago I was faced with a spam filtering problem, but it's not what you might expect.

When you log in with your email address and the MX Guarddog-provided password you'll see the MX Guarddog Domain Dashboard. It's here you can add email addresses, create the web-link required for free filtering, add your email servers, and get info on how to update your MX record.

To generate a web link:

  • From the Domain Dashboard, click Earn Tokens. (There's a "Buy tokens" link if you'd prefer to pay.)
  • Add the URL for the domain you want protected.
  • Copy the link code and add it to your website.

MX Guarddog offers several options for adding the email addresses you want protected, including adding them manually, importing them in bulk, and LDAP or cPanel synchronization. What makes the most sense for you depends on your setup and needs, but MXGuardog's site provides clear documentation on how to use each of these options.

To tell MX Guarddog where to send filtered mail:

  • Click the link to Define your email servers.
  • Enter your domain name or the IP address for your mail server.
  • Enter a port number, if it differs from port 25.

Updating your MX record information will vary depending on who hosts your site and how your DNS information is set up. Click the Update your MX records link in the Domain Dashboard and follow the instructions that make the most sense for your specific situation.

Once you've completed these steps MX Guarddog will begin filtering your email and sending each of your users a quarantine list. For your users to log in and manage their list have them:

  • Click the login button at
  • Click the "Need a password" link.
  • Enter their email address.

They will be sent a link for resetting their password and enabling their login.

So simple and some of the best spam filtering you'll find at any price.


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