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Startups: TrustSphere—harnessing the benefits of messaging intelligence

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 29, 2014
TrustSphere evolved from an earlier avatar, BoxSentry, which provided email security solutions.

Messaging intelligence (MI)

"The way analysts like to position us is at the intersection of big data and social network analytics," Goel said.

"If you look at the philosophy behind messaging intelligence, fundamentally it rests on a few simple principles," he explained.

"One, that humans are creatures of habit. We typically communicate in the same way and do the same things day in and day out. We also fundamentally communicate with one another as part of any business process in order to move that to the next step. The whole philosophy behind messaging intelligence is that if you are able to understand who is communicating with whom from within an organisation and you know the frequency, the velocity, and the direction of communication, you are able to construct the 'social graph' for that organisation. "

"Being able to synthesise the relationships and interactions to an abstract level allows management to gain insights into communication patterns and use these insights to improve key business processes."

"Two key business processes that we are impacting are sales force collaboration and fraud investigation. In the fraud case, where suspicious activity has been identified, we can help clients quickly identify the suspect's existing relationships. Clients use our Messaging Intelligence  to effectively conduct triage very early on in a case."

Examples of where this solution could be used is in cases of insider trading or inappropriate behaviour with a vendor or corruption. The solution provided by TrustSphere could unearth who is involved and who is not involved in a fraud or corruption case. The company's technology helps establish links between the culprits.

Privacy is sacrosanct

At a time when privacy has become a major debating issue, TrustSphere is clear about its stand on the matter. "We never look at the content of the message," Goel said.

Why is that so? Goel gives three reasons. "One is from system performance perspective-looking at the message slows things down and also creates 'noise'," he said. "We just look at the metadata. Secondly, from the privacy perspective, there is the potential for a privacy issue if you start introspecting messages. Thirdly, many of the insights that we are delivering are based on interactions and delivering these insights to decision making systems. We deliberately do not analyse content to protect the privacy of individuals as we deliver these insights to such systems.."

Gaining traction

"Fundamentally, we are a team of software developers," said Goel, describing his company's business model. "Since we are relatively young, we were born in the cloud, so we have a service which was purpose built for the cloud. A number of our clients use our cloud service. What we realised that many of our regulated clients didn't want to use the cloud service because their data is quite sensitive. Hence we also have an on-premise version. We ship our software as a virtual machine. Our business model is subscription based."


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