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Startups: TrustSphere—harnessing the benefits of messaging intelligence

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 29, 2014
TrustSphere evolved from an earlier avatar, BoxSentry, which provided email security solutions.

TrustSphere is winning customers all across the world, says Goel. Among the hundred over clients, many come from telecoms and governments from Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, APAC and the US. According to Goel, some of them started with BoxSentry and some of them are new.

What about the market response in Asia? "The more advanced companies get what we are doing," said Goel. "Early adopters get it. As it is a brand new category, it takes time to build the market out. It is a hard journey, particularly since it is a new category."

"Asian markets are not typically early adopters of technology, however for us Asia represents an enormous marketplace," he said. "Our APAC HQ is in Singapore and we are building up our partner teams in India and in the Middle East. It is a market where we will grow in the next 18 months."

Collaboration with

"Typically less than 10 percent of customer interaction makes it into CRM's," Goel claimed. "The reason for that is that it is a manual system which relies on sales staff to enter data. Currently it is not used as a true collaboration tool, rather it is being used as a compliance tool."

This insight led Goel to form a tie up with one of the most successful CRM solutions providers, "Humans are creatures of habit so it is difficult to change them," he said. "Instead, it is easier to change the system than to change the humans. Take insights from the human to human communication and put it back into the CRM. This is like introducing automation in CRMs which are usually manual systems by delivering relevant insights into the CRM."

For example, 'the marketing team can gain visibility over which leads are not being followed up by the sales team and recycle these back into the nurturing pipeline'.

The collaboration with Salesforce is paying rich dividends for the clients. "Our clients are using messaging intelligence to increase CRM adoption, increase their data integrity," said Goel.




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