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The dark side of outsourcing

Jane Grafton | March 1, 2011
Many CISOs are caught by this logical paradox as, encouraged by the greed of their CEOs to cut costs, the increase in IT outsourcing starts to reveal its dark side.

There are many reasons why organisations, like Dave's, choose to outsource their IT security operations. The number one reason is to save money and reduce head count. There are some who do it to tap into specialised skills and services. However, equally as many are now discovering that the cost savings are quickly being eroded as the professional services aren't up to the challenge or come at a costly additional price.


Sometimes short-term cost cutting also cuts out the rich seams of experience and knowledge you have in your full time staff. Getting rid of them can sometimes cost you dearly in the long run and leave you at the mercy of an outside organisation which has as its main goal maximising its profits - the very reason you outsourced in the first place - to maximise your own profits! Welcome to the 21st Century's version of Catch 22. Milo Minderbinder would be proud.

Jane Grafton is Director of Business Development, Lieberman Software.



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