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The IT janitor

Gerben Wierda | March 18, 2016
Business IT landscapes are full with technological debt. Why do we keep ignoring the crud that has accumulated?

So, Bi-Modal IT everyone? Well, yes, unless it is just a way to shut your eyes for the crud. In the end, that 'other' It is just part of your landscape, cloud or not. And BI-modal has a true risk of worsening the technical debt, the crud that builds up. Remember that "no free lunch" thing?

So, here is a message for the management of organizations that rely on IT a lot (and who doesn't these days?): don't think the mess won't trip you up because it is invisible to you.

What you need is a permanent IT janitorial service with its own responsibility, its own budget (including budget to get the business side to move) and you need to make sure your business units can't ignore the issue. This IT-janitorial service will be working all the time to clean up the inevitable mess, the technical debt, that comes with all the changes that happen all the time. If you don't do that, your new initiatives will remain to be like trying to do heart surgery in a pigsty, like trying to run a Formula 1 car on a dirt road, and like trying to do clean room operations in a mud hut. You get the picture.

Pay attention to the new bandwagons, certainly. There is real gold there. Don't be naive about them, though. But make sure you don't try to jump on one laden with so much technical debt that the jump will maim you.

Source: Infoworld 


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