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Trends impacting customer intelligence teams in 2013

Anuradha Shukla | April 5, 2013
Forrester identifies ways to manage the perpetually connected customer and data.

Forrester has identified trends that will impact the customer intelligence (CI) teams in 2013.

In its new report 'Navigating The Future Of Customer Intelligence', the research firm says things will change for CI professionals this year because of changing consumer behaviour.

Organisations' own ambitions around emerging market opportunities will also make an impact on the way these professionals work.

Today's consumers are perpetually connected and this has changed their requirements. CI professionals should thus tie customer profiles together across channels and devices in a privacy-compliant way.

Large volumes of data are now available due to presence of smart devices and this will drive CI professionals to find best practices for the ingestion and management of that data. Consumers now want to connect in any channel from any device making it important for brands to recognise consumers at the point of interaction.

Considering the ROI of data stored

This year, businesses will see a shift in the tendency to hoard data without assessing its value due to an increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data.

Forrester predicts firms will begin to consider the ROI (including risk) of the data they store in 2013.They will also find ways to create processes for management of both front-end (formats and capture) and back-end (value assessment and storage) data challenges.

This year will also see the emergence of service and technology vendors to support customer engagement.

The CI buying model will undergo a significant change due to major shifts in the services and technology landscapes. Marketers will now try to identify the optimal mix of vendors for supporting their customer engagement programmes.

Looking forward, the CI teams should practice better data governance, provide training opportunities to promising CI practitioners and shift the focus from "big data" to "right data." 


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