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Using devops to succeed in the new continuous IT enterprise

Quinton Wall | Feb. 16, 2016
While there are many enterprises talking about their devops implementations, there are very likely fewer getting their devops efforts done right

However, for many the challenge to move to devops is complex. So complex that the research firm Gartner nowrecommends organizations embrace what they call bimodal IT, which advises enterprises to setup two IT distinct staffs, one team that focuses on legacy technology and another that focuses on modern development approaches such as devops for more innovative and fast-moving aspects of the business.

Many enterprises have turned to devops as a way to help streamline development efforts, and help reduce technical debt associated with legacy systems. And many of our customers running self-service clouds find that as cloud infrastructure and tools are made available to developers, the time it takes to get the application delivery actually lengthens. Developers end up having to provision virtual machines, make infrastructure decisions, and deal with very mundane tasks like maintenance and patching -- all of which distracts from what developers love and need to do: build apps. This isn't the way it was meant to be.

That's just one way developers are learning to better manage the connected everything and continuous IT. In our next piece we will dive into the details surrounding microservices best practices.

Source: Infoworld 


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